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About us

We are a consulting group focusing on providing legal, revenue and accounting advisory services. During our activities we managed to find a firm place on the market of such services in the region of central and western Europe.

In close cooperation with our lawyers, jurists, accountants, auditors and other professional advisories for a wide range of business activities we cover the needs of our clients on a complex basis.

Our main activity rests in providing qualified legal assistance to legal entities and physical persons in all areas of law with emphasis on commercial, business, corporate and copyright law. We provide legal services right from the set up of a new company or any other type of legal entities, through their functioning without problems, whereby the unique needs of each of our clients are to be regarded, and in some cases up to their split, merger our fusion. According to the demands of our clients we secure the liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings of such a subject.

We provide complex advisory services in court or administrative proceedings, contractual relations, transfer or encumbrance of real property, business competition, copyright law, industrial designs or in bankruptcy proceedings.

In our effort to provide you with complex solutions we would consider all tax and legal circumstances of your case and if necessary we would secure consulting services in other jurisdictions covering the incorporation of branches or subsidiaries in order for your profit to be maximal whilst your tax burden will be minimal.

We provide complex legal services in Slovak, German, Italian and English. Our legal services are in the long term used by corporations, physical persons and also law firms in surrounding countries, for which we were providing legal help particularly by drawing up contracts, legal analyses and claims as well as representation before courts and public authorities.

We are prepared to secure for you highly qualified advisory services, particularly legal services in accordance with your visions so that the required intention shall be reached.

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